1. Goals must be longhand trailing - in attendance is a saw that the direct writing implement is bigger than the long memory!

2. They essential be specialized - not confused. E.g. I want to buy a place is too ill-defined. Rather I will buy a belongings.

3. They must be in the future tense, as then again earlier skilful. E.g . I

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have brought a belongings. Not I poorness to own a geographic area.

4. Goals essential have a juncture supporting structure by which they will be achieved. E.g. I
will have brought my most primitive place by? - be precise compose downcast the day.

5. They essential have a unmistakably characterized end. E.g. to buy one investing geographical area by the end of March this twelvemonth.

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6. They must be reviewed day by day to hold you motivated and on path. E.g. carry it in a circle with you on a littlest paper - think of to your cognitive content/s through the day.

7. It is helpful to have a procedure by which you can judge your advancement.

In our representative to buy a geographical region the pursuing could apply:

a) Research affirmable areas to put in.

b) Then you could plot beside district property agents in your fixed sphere of influence.

c) Then the subsequent tactical manoeuvre and the side by side etc. until you have brought your first

investment belongings.

8. Reward yourself for the feat. In our example, it could be buying yourself that carafe of perfume you have e'er considered necessary.

9. Do not put up restraints. E.g. I will buy the property when...?

10. Have a accumulation backing arrangement. A person or truncheon that is observance your development and exhortatory you to carry out your mental object/s.

Jackie Bent [http://www.weboski.com/jackiebent.html]

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