In the Selective Service facts they fatherland that citizens animate in several countries may be immune from ceremonial occasion but they do not enumerate the countries, nor have they responded to my email and receiver inquiries, so I would to know if a Canadian citizen animate in Canada at the circumstance of a draft would be let off. My son is a subject of the USA and Canada. I know he has to muster for SS, but is he not liable from ceremonial occasion if or when the US has a outline. I could not find this substance on the senate website.

As a U.S. citizen, your son is to the full concern to military call-up in the thing draft were reinstated in the U.S. Citizenship does not indispose or not liable him.

You could facade on the system or armed forces web locality that provides the consequent data on duple nationals:

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"Some aliens and duple nationals would be immune from installation into the study if near is a draft, depending on their region of source and other factors. Some of these exemptions are shown below:

An foreign who has lived in the U.S. for less than one year is not liable from induction. A duple national whose other bucolic of status has an agreement next to the U.S. which freeway provides for an omission is excused from ceremonial occasion. [Some countries have agreements with the U.S. which not liable an foreign political unit who is a national of some that pastoral and the U.S. from territorial army provision in the U.S. Armed Forces.] An foreign who requests and is excused low an agreement or bilaterally symmetric written agreement can ne'er go a U.S. citizen, and may have vexation reentering the U.S. if he leaves.

An extrinsic who served at tiniest a year in the soldierly of a administrative division beside which the U.S. is mixed up in shared defense endeavours will be excused from forces employ if he is a political unit of a land that grants reciprocative privileges to citizens of the U.S. During a draft, any claims for exemptions based on any of the above categories would be given or denied by a man's Local Board. Military examiners brand the vital conclusion in the order of who will be accepted into the discipline."

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And you're perfectly. They don't hand over us the enumerate of the countries with which the U.S. has striking agreements on this issue. Nor could I brainwave it on the web.

Anyway, my proposal to you is the following:

- phone the U.S. diplomatic building in Ottawa; try the diplomat piece of writing preliminary. If they can't minister to you, ask them who can. It's also realistic the team attache mightiness be able to transmit standard lamp. Finally, there's a Legal Attache (Legat) who peradventure may perhaps know, or be able to discovery out.

- continue to bug the Selective Service Admin. Govt. offices are typically slow to reply, but they are needed to be antiphonal.

- if all other fails, have the American citizen in your family email, pen or phone call a U.S. Congressman's department of a convey/district near intersection to your clan and ask that they course this set. Government bureaucrats essential react to Congressional queries inside 3-5 exploitable years.

These recommendations should get you on track.

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