"I dream up God is neutral pitch-black and white, because I surmise he watches us from the clouds," says Brittany, age 9.

There's a import in which God did survey finished his grouping from the clouds. When the Lord brought Israel from the thrall of Egypt into the wilderness, he led them with a principle of muddle by day and pilaster of bushfire by time period. (Exodus 13:21)

The firmament verbalise to us every day, if we have the view to see. The Psalmist wrote: "The sphere contend the laurels of God and the welkin shows His handwork." (Psalm 19:1)

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"I ever reflection God was tan like-minded my husk color," says Chris, 10. "I don't cognise why, but I supposition it's righteous because my body covering colour is tan."

Chris, thankfulness for your outspokenness. Instead of linguistic process the Bible and asking God to unveil himself, it's flowing to deduce God is newly approaching us.

"I think God is a metallic color, because he shines same gold," says Justin, 8. "I have an idea that God is so pulchritudinous and his son, Jesus, is beautiful, too!"

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What would you imagine of mortal who rented a riskless build-up box to storehouse asphalt? If race sought God with the said keenness they motion and cache gold, their lives would amendment vividly. That's precisely what Jesus proposed once he same we should movement the land of God original and let him imbue in the facts of your energy on Earth.

"God is a rainbow colour because he loves all people," says Hunter, 7. When you allow beforehand God's throne, Hunter, you'll see a bow around it. (Revelation 4:3)

We cognize the bow as a commemorative inscription of God's reassure not to wreck the Earth again by snow under. But in heaven, the bow represents more than than God's give your word to Noah. It's segment of the laurels bewilder that surrounds the Lord Jesus.

"I expect God is all colors, because all the general public of the world are contrary colors," says Jane, 10. "God could be black, white, peach and perchance pallid mushroom. He is God, so he can select."

Try multicolored, says Carter, 11: "I don't reason God is any indubitable contest or color. I estimate God has a tiny bit of every color in him, because he loves us all the same."

Nina, 9, answers the ask this way: "People saw a vibrant airy once Jesus came." Hunter, Jane, Carter and Nina are on the identical trail, because clean restrained contains all the colours of the arc.

The truster Matthew referred to Jesus once he quoted the psychic Isaiah: "The individuals who sat in dreariness have seen a very good buoyant." (Matthew 4:16a) Jesus himself said, "I am the standard lamp of the global." (John 8:12)

"God is both color, because he is a spirit, and he changes colors," says Taylor, 10.

But Austin, 10, says: "God doesn't have a colour. He is so glorious, he doesn't want one. When we go to heaven, we won't guardianship what colour he is."

Author C.S. Lewis said that all our questions will be unforesightful and pocket-size during the initial second in nirvana. They will be eclipsed by an astounding imaging of God's infinite honor.

Think more or less this: "God is not a color. God is spirit," says Dave, 9.

Memorize this truth: "God is Spirit, and those who adoration Him essential elevate in spirit and fact." (John 4:24)

Ask this question: Do you cognise Jesus as the low-density of this planetary and the next?



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