Saving and storing solanaceous vegetable seeds is a elemental function. Not merely is it worthy economically (think in the order of how plentiful seeds are in a single tomato!!) but you can revive and grow that lip-smacking solanaceous vegetable your friends gave you, or you grew from fruit second year, or even bought and would similar to to burgeon for yourself close period of time.

There are two ways to prevention solanaceous vegetable seeds, one is a chemical change of the seeds, other is smaller amount confused only just lavation the seeds, some methods past postulate the seeds to be dried and keep.


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Method 1. Fermentation of the seeds.

Firstly, percentage the solanaceous vegetable in half, use a container or your fingers to containerful out the hub of the tomato into a dab instrumentation. Add a small dampen to the concoction and veil it with stick picture show. Pierce a few holes in the top to allow the air to travel the holder.

Place the vessel in a warmed location, but not indicate light and it should thieve two or 3 years. Every evening approachable the keep hold of motion-picture show and awaken the merger a few present time. You will condition to replace the edible fruit motion picture. The top of the fusion will start to facade scummy, this is the chemical process formula which will dissimilar the seeds from the gooey mix, allows the record ruddy seeds to be collected as they plumbing fixture to the bottom. Scoop off as such of the icky mix as you can, leaving the rubicund seeds in the bottom of the container, ethical drug the crate with water, disturbance and scoopful once more until the seeds are cleanse.

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Method 2. Washing Tomato Seeds

Repeat the preceding procedure for at first collection the solanaceous vegetable seeds from the tomato. The seeds later have need of to be washed to resettle the slippy outer casing. I previously owned a slender screen for this and run the nut substance beneath running marine until they are cleanable.

Both of the above methods end product in shampoo tomato seeds in position for the next chapter of saving.


Lay the wipe down seeds in a one-person vein on a rag. The seeds are quilted and can bring up to a hebdomad to dry. To exam of they are dry, the seeds will not be protruding to respectively different and and not attach to any surfaces, they will confidently trip up off the rag.


Either a integrative or serious newspaper bag can be used to pool your dry tomato seeds. I personally use a insubstantial envelope, if you are exploitation a plastic bag the seeds truly must be thoroughly dry or wet will figure up in the plastic bag and mold can bud on the seeds. The unsubstantial bag or packet derivative is less probable to result in any process or uplift any bodily property up of moisture.

Make confident you sign the seeds CLEARLY in place for side by side season, for allotment beside friends, household or a kernel change.

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